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ING Bank Śląski S.A. communicates that to function properly the site uses cookie files, in particular the file remembering the selected language version of the site. This website uses Google Analitics link-trackers, which use different types of cookie files  under general terms and conditions and in the scope specified here:

Cookie files, also known as cookies, are various IT data, most often text files that are stored in the end device (e.g. on a PC disc, tablet memory card) of the person using the internet and websites. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the time of their storage and the unique number. If a given site stores cookie files on the user’s computer, then each time the user visits it again the site reads the cookies that were saved earlier.

Browser default settings usually allow browsers to use and save cookie files. The user may change the settings of their browser anytime in line with its functionality. Cookies are managed from the position of the web browser that is being used. You can also delete stored cookies using the browser. You may find the information how to do it in the help section of each browser.

Preventing the browser from using cookies on this site will not prevent its usage.