The photo shows two female students sitting on a pouf. Girls flip through documents and information on the screen. On the left, there is a key drawn with the slogan: “Knowledge is the key”.

Financial Education

We consistently shape the financial awareness of Poles via different media. We provide them with new possibilities and, at the same time, we do our best to make sure that our clients use our offer consciously.

We strive for increasing the financial awareness of our community. This idea lies behind our campaigns and educational actions targeting various social groups.


In the years 2013 – 2014 advertising campaigns of distinctly educational nature promoted ING Bank Śląski S.A. The ad characters realize the importance of savings and good financial condition when put in everyday, a little bit funny situations.

In 2014, we commissioned TNS research agency to conduct research on putting off important things prior to initiation of works on the “Better act than talk. Take out a loan and come out on top!” campaign. The main reason for putting off our dreams is lack of money. Our ads present the cash loan not only as a tool for own business growth, but also for personal development. We invited Jacek Walkiewicz, a renowned motivational coach and psychologist, to participate in the campaign. He explained why some get their own way and how to overcome fear.

For many years now we have been inspiring and encouraging Poles to change their attitude towards savings. We convince Poles that it is a way of life that brings satisfaction, above all. Thus, in the 2013 campaign “What you actually saved is what your account tells” we referred to the smart shopping idea that is shopping without paying through the nose at the same time convincing Poles that money saved is money stored in the savings account. One year later, we showed benefits of saving in the campaign “Those who save can afford independence”. We wrote about how to learn to save in opinion-making weeklies and on our educational websites.


In 2013, we launched (Polish content), educational portal, where we publish information in five categories: Savings, Cash management, Economy, Virtual money and Company. We provide practical hints and advice of independent experts, bloggers such as Andrzej Tucholski from as well as Apple products specialist – MacKozer. In 2014, we launched the 21 Days Programme under the Savings category. More than 5 thousand participants saving each day virtual money could get themselves into the habit of saving. Each day we provided them with an inspiring surprise to motivate them.

Zafinansowani figures
653 thousand
views at the end of 2014
424 thousand
users at the end of 2014

We maintain Economic service (Polish content) on the bank’s website where bank economists comment on the most important news from Poland and global markets. The website provides forecasts about financial markets situation and the most important macroeconomic indices such as, among others, inflation, economic growth or interest rate changes across economy. There are also special reports of ING Group on the UE and worldwide economy, dictionary of economic terms as well as useful links to financial institutions.

How-to books

We are making endeavours to promote knowledge about products. Each person thinking about taking up a loan may familiarise themselves with all the details of this form of financing in the Loan tips and tricks (Polish content). We offer information on cash advances as well as mortgage and cash loans in four thematic blocks. Additionally, we discuss excessive indebtedness and advise how to avoid it. In 2013-2014 every month on average 9,430 unique users tapped into this opportunity to learn more.

In 2014, we launched educational cycle The adventures of savvy Albert (Polish content). Daily life situations of Albert suggest readers how to use credit cards conveniently and without risk. This attractive form of communication was honoured with WEBSTAR CREATIVE award bestowed by Akademia Internetu to most valuable websites.

In turn, Safe online banking (Polish content) how-to book shows how to minimise the risk of theft or fraud. We systematically publish information on the solutions protecting finances as well as messages on up-to-date threats. The website provides also extensive tips on how to securely log into online banking. In the years 2013 – 2014, 22 to 70 thousand unique users benefited from the tips.

For university students

We strive after providing permanent access to information on work at our bank and at the same time educate young people. Each year, we conduct the ING Ambassadors Programme, whereunder several students – ING Bank Śląski S.A. Ambassadors – represent us at the universities in the biggest Polish cities. Their engagement allows us to organize many events from financial workshops to contests in the social media.

In the years 2013 – 2014, we continued the cycle of Orange Meetings with an Expert in cooperation with ambassadors and student organisations. They give students access to knowledge and experience of bank employees and guarantee that the practical information on bank operations, finance or real estate is first-hand. 524 students took part in the workshops during two years. In the survey conducted in autumn 2014, 98% of participants declared their will to participate again in the said meetings.


students participated in the Orange Meetings with Expert in the years 2013-2014.

In 2013, thanks to cooperation with student organisation (BEST) we invited the students of the Silesian University of Technology to the Head Office. Participants of the “5 days around bank IT” workshop acquainted themselves with the bank reality through practical tasks and examples.

For traineeship programmes for students and graduates see Workplace chapter.

For students

In 2013 and 2014, we were involved in the educational project of the Junior Achievement Foundation. The project aim is to help students make rational decision on the selection of educational and professional path. Over the same period, the total number of 170 students of upper secondary schools visited our head office and branches as part of the Junior Achievement Day. Our employees talked about the specificity of work in a given job, their education as well as competence required to perform their duties.

In 2014, we began to cooperate with the Warsaw Institute of Banking, coordinating the BAKCYL programme. As part of the programme, volunteers who underwent a special training, conduct classes on banking in junior high schools. By the end of May 2015, our employees conducted classes for 200 pupils.

For financial education offered to our clients see section Empowerment.