Zoom in on responsibility
CSR Report
of ING Bank Śląski S.A.
for 2013-2014
CSR is not a catchphrase, it is our daily bread. We feel responsible for the standards we have – how we act and who we cooperate with.
The key to success in building relations with clients is being open to their needs and responding with responsibility to them.
We care for the sustainable growth – we act for the benefit of local communities and manage responsibly the environmental footprint.
Behind the scenes
The report was compiled thanks to the engagement of our key stakeholders. We asked for their opinions and based on that we agreed upon the content of the report. Our employees are the authors of the texts and photographs presented here. They sent us more than 30 photographs for the report illustration contest. Nearly 100 staff members were actively involved in the collection of numerical data, good practices and other materials. They developed the structure of the report during the workshops. More about the report.